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I've been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. As a kid, I had painting lessons from a local artist. I went on to receive formal training at the York Academy of Arts and Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. My interest in fantasy and horror art came when I first saw the work of Frank Frazetta. I realized that this was the style of art I wanted to get into. My own subject matter and style evolved into the fantasy and horror pin-ups you see today.

Using different mediums I try to create strong, sexy images of women in horror, fantasy, & related genres. I specializes in watercolor. But also use acrylic, inks, air-brush and photography. I draw a lot of inspiration from the models I work with, Asia DeVinyl, Tiffany Shepis, Natasha Yi, Rachael Robbins, Kerri Taylor, Aria Giovanni, & my wife, Wendy M. All these models have their own unique personalities and looks to help fuel the creative process. A certain look or pose will drive ideas that I hadn't even thought of.

I've done illustration work for many books, magazines, games, & comics. I've been featured in several publications here and abroad. It's great getting fan mail from around the world. Currently I live in Delaware with my wife, artist Wendy M. and son Jared. Wendy and I own a gallery in Wilmington.


Q: How long does it take you to do a painting?

A: I get asked this a lot and I still don't have an answer. It depends on the painting. Some come out fast. Some have to be reworked a few times to get them right. A small monster painting may take only a couple of hours. A large involved piece can take up to 40 hours or more.


Q: What medium do you use?

A: Mostly watercolors, especially on the female figures. I like the softness of that medium. Though it does take a lot of time to layer the paint to get the darks I like. I really push watercolors farther than most people do. I work on 300lb Arches cold press watercolor paper. It has a lot of tooth and holds more paint than smoother papers. I combine watercolor and acrylic on a lot of my monster paintings. I sometimes use airbrush on large canvas pieces to block in areas and for under paintings.


Q: Are these real people? Do they pose live for you or do you use photographs?

A: Yes these are real people and I know them! I usually work from photos of models that I have taken. Sometimes I work from photos the models provide if we are not able to get together. A lot of times I send them sketches for ideas and they have a photographer take photos of the poses. Most of the time this is because of distance. Not only do I have models on the west coast but the UK and France as well.


Q: How do you get such beautiful women to pose for you?

A: I asked them.


Q: Will you do a painting of me, (my wife, my girlfriend) ?

A: Yes I do commissions. They usually start at $500.


Q: Can I use your artwork on my website or for tags?

A: I do not allow unauthorized usage of my artwork.


Q: If I buy your art, can I make reproductions?

A: No. Just because you bought and own an original piece of art, does NOT mean you own the rights to reproduce it. The rights to the image always remain with the artist except when the reproduction rights themselves are purchased from the artist under a separate contract agreement.


Not only do I think Ric's work is outstanding, beautiful shading, composition, likeness, etc...but, his is the ONLY artwork my wife agrees to have on our living room walls. True praise indeed!
Ted A. Bohus - SPFX Magazine

There are 2 reasons why I don't exhibit at horror conventions anymore. #1 is that my collection of black "Death Metal" T-Shirts isn't quite what it used to be. And #2... is Artist Ric Frane. In the current climate as an artist, it's not enough just to be technically proficient, and adept at color and concept. You need to know your market, and what that market demands. Artist Ric Frane's paintings and position in the horror market is a testament to that. Ric developed his style, found his niche, and never strayed. And that's a recipe for success in any market.
Dave Nestler - Artist

Ric, Nice work. I love your tattooed girl paintings!
Olivia - Artsit

Carol Cleveland - Actress:
Monty Python's Flying Circus

Francis Matthews - Actor

I have been a collector of Ric Frane's Universal Studios horror character paintings since 2001, when I purchased his Frankenstein (in green and black) at the Philadelphia Worldcon. I was so pleased with this portrait, my wife commissioned Ric to create companion pieces of The Werewolf of London, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Mummy as gifts to me. Since then, I've purchased his original renderings of the butler Morgan (from The Old Dark House), The Wolf Man, Bateman (from The Raven), and a special commission of Igor (from Son of Frankenstein).

Recently, I have purchased Ric Frane originals of Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein (from Frankenstein Created Woman), and Pinhead from Clive Barker's movie series. I fear my collection is now growing beyond the bounds I'd originally set for it. Oh well, let boundaries be damned!

The wall over the computer screen in my writing room has been swelled with horror Frane-tings in ever-growing numbers for the past six years, and I anticipate my collection will soon spread to other walls within the room. This is because I still gain as much enjoyment gazing at each of them now as I did when I first laid eyes on them. I enthusiastically endorse Ric's work, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone considering an investment in genre art of the highest quality.

Randy M. Dannenfelser Author, The Deceiving Eye: The Art of Richard Hescox

I've known Ric Frane for about ten years now. Looking back... I remember the early horror conventions, passing by Ric's table. His setup of various renderings of screen queens and his ever popular fairy art.

Back then models like Tiffany Shepis and others would hang by the table and have fun with the people admiring and purchasing Ric's work. I would pass the table admiring his work as well. In time we became friends along with his wife Wendy also an artist.

Suddenly Ric focused on horror movie heroin's and monsters, he called me over to check out what he created. The rest is history. Since then I have commissioned Ric to do renderings for Horror Biz Magazine. In fact the next issue will feature Ric's rendering on the cover a three portrait collage. The issue will be out in the near future. Sorry you will have to wait to see what Ric has done, but it will be worth the wait. There is nothing like an original and it's nice to be able to say its by Frane!
Dave Baumuller - Horror Biz Magazine


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